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August 18, 2013
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HMLS: Junette by arurue HMLS: Junette by arurue
:star: :iconhmls::iconhmls::iconhmls: :star:

Relationship Updated! :iconmingplz:

omg. I got in. _(:'3_)_ I can't believe thisssss--//rolls on the floor// Thank you to *raitokura for giving me the opportunity to get into Switzerland division (And it is Swiss for good's sake!--:heart:) and also to *scatteredsnow for helping me on Beta-ing the application. Can't thank enough omg.

Ok... Onward to my child's app--Hope you guys like being with her! :iconhurrplz: be careful she bites-- //slapped

  • Name: Junette - (No Last Name -> See in the Description)
  • Nickname: June, Junette, Nettie (only for some certain someone~ //kicked), Jun (Ivan's Call for her)
  • Age: 18
  • Position: - Magus of Switzerland
  • Magus Tattoo Location: Below the chest. [The tattoo is: ☓ [Saltire] = Poisonous Sign]
  • Your Real Life Job: 

    • Freelance / Individual Potion Maker (Free Time / Morning)

      Just a hobby to give more money for her wallet :iconmingplz:. she loves money For example: Mixing traditional herbs to make poisons, or even remedies to be sold on public. She does this when she has the time to.

    • Cafe Singer (Night)

      She worked at a cafe that had offered her good wages and she could sing there. The cafe was flexible for her time, and the audiences are not so many, so she felt that she was okay with that. (Less humans means less chance for them to know that she is a Magus).

  • Gender: Female
  • Weapon: Custom Stiletto / Hand Knife - Imbued with homemade & not visible poison that is already rubbed completely in each of its edges.
  • Abilities: 

    • Controlling Voice:

      By imbuing her poisonous voice, she could spread non-visible poison that could maker her control people who had 'negative emotions' that are temporary (i.e: Angry, Frustated, Anxious, Frightened), and breathing in the same air with her as long as she saw the person in front of her eyes. This power only applied if the 'emotion' is still there. This power is exhausting, but when she wants to, she usually uses it while singing.

      - Notes: She isn't still used / skilled to do this, but if she wanted to she would do it while singing.

    • Poisonous Water:

      Her poison power is obviously her common power, as she had that, she could infect the water that she touched / giving breath to and imbued it with poison.

    • Knife Master:

      Her advantages of using knives increase (the same goes to the series of Stiletto or other small sharp weapons). She is skillful with knife throwing, knife fighting, and could do a very good job at incapacitate (if necessary) bodies. Having this skill increases her agility and efficiency on attacking enemies.

  • History: 

    The day she was born was the day she didn't remember very well. None of her childhood memories are sweet and worth memento. But she remembered a couple of things that had made her despised humans, and the very reason why she needed to find the Verde Shards to get back to her 'real home'

    She was an orphan and after she grew up she found out that she was taken care by a big orphanage with a vast amount of humans (Meaning: none would know that she was there because the orphanage is very crowded with children). At first she was trying to adapt inside of the environment; however, she couldn't stand it since the humans told her that they noticed a very big difference between her and them, and they bullied her. That is because of her voice. They could feel it that her voice was affecting them and make them feel sick. The same goes for her feeling toward them too.

    There she realized and remembered about the memories of her Magus predecessors and the meaning of the mark 'X' below of her chest. That was when she realized that all of her strange emotions came from the hatred for humans, and the feeling to regroup back with fellow Magus-es to find the way back to her original home. 

    Afterward, she ran away from the orphanage at the age of 10, and then she worked with a lot of people just for a place to stay, and a food to eat. 18, and she stayed at an abandoned house, working at a night cafe that is not crowded, and learn how to control her Magus abilities, and extended her voice (From the poison that her voice made, as she trained it, the voice became beautiful) so it can be used in daily life. Though, she also used her voice to trick / to make fun of humans secretly, like, controlling them with her controlling voice and make them do funny / embarrassing stuffs. 

    At the same year, she met with her Duce; Knecht, when the Duce accidentally heard her humming (aka: mumbling a tune at the street while walking home from buying groceries) and asked her if she is a Magus. She didn't really care about him and got mad at him because she wasted her time. After all, he was only a blind man! And so she ignored him until she worked in her night cafe, singing. She saw the Duce was there, actually sitting and hearing her sing. Afterward, she asked him who is he and what did he want, and Knecht then said that He is a Duce and She is a Magus, and her voice sang a different tune, and he asked her to join him as a Magus.

    June realized that her call to help the Duce to find these purposeful Verde Shards is here. She accepted the offer from Knecht, on joining his party--perhaps, she thought, she could find her real allies and bonds that she secretly yearned from her bitter past.

  • Personality: 

    • Straightforward
    • Rude (but not so much)
    • Stingy (with money)
    • Pessimistic in a cheerful way
    • A bit sarcastic
    • Outgoing when it comes to Magus-es
    • Curious 
    • Friendly 
    • Greedy
    • Envious
    • A bit egoistic
    • Knowledgeable
    • Diligent
    • Protective for her comrades
    • Tricky! (Tricks a lot of humans for fun)

  • Extras: 
    • She actually likes to sing and dance.
    • She hates humans mainly because they bullied in her in the past, and had been harassed several times because of her tattoo.
    • She brings her weapon everywhere. She always hides it somewhere!
    • She loves poetry, myths, to philosophical studies.
    • As Duce's magus, she decided to become an informant, gathering informations in her cafe (pub).
    • She felt fellow magus-es are someone special and needs to be protected. (Feels united by purpose)
    • She usually tricks humans by controlling them (using her ability), and make them embarrassing stuffs like: Making them act like a duck, or make them screaming and rolling around like a dog. She gained happiness from those things! :iconskankyplz:

  • Relationship: - She is still single everyone! :iconmingplz:
    as portrayed by June on her own :iconskankyplz:

      Walther Knecht - June's Most Respected Man

      "He is the Duce who had recruited me to HMLS. He is a very respectul, sophiscated magus that I have ever met. I really look up to him."

      Voix - June's Foster Brother - Best Brother Ever!

      "He is like my little brother to me in the same division, he is so cute and I just feel the desire to protect him from those stupid bullies!"

      En - June's First Magus Friend

      "At first she started doing some ridiculous things and made me chasing her till we stopped and we started talking. I feel like she is a nice magus and ... I guess my first friend? Wait no, that is not right!"

      Abby - June's Fellow Potion Maker

      "She is my fellow potion maker. She is also cute and she has kind attitude!"

      Alvaro - That Taller-By-Few-Centimeters Rockstar<- (( idk to be honest _(:'3_)_ //bricked by =Leonaru ))

      "We met at my working place, we sing together, and seriously, why do he have to call me a shortie?! That cocky rockstar--! *pouts*"

      Marcus - The Damned Four-Eyes <- (( I'm sowrie *scatteredsnow :iconlazepoolplz: ))

      "That damn four-eyes just pissed me off! I mean, he is one cocky bastard that I have ever met! *more poutings*"

      Filo - Lost Magus in Switzerland

      "She is my fellow magus friend and when we met she was lost in Switzerland hahahaha~"

      Ivan - That Anti-social Magus

      "He is very weird. Nope, not that weird. He is so innocent and honest for his age, and he seemed lonely. I think. Oh, and he also the first one to eat my homemade yoghurt! :iconjunesplz:"

      Svan - That Quiet Writer

      "I can't believe it! I found a Magus writer that wrote a novel that I saw in the bookstore's main cover!"

      Valda - The Black Market Magus

      "She introduced me and let me get inside of a German Black Market and accompanied me on buying some forbidden poison materials. Wowee!"

      Snow - The Magus who has those Friendly Dog

      "We haven't talked yet, but his dog is extreeeemely friendly to me. :iconjunesplz:"

      Alessia - The Young Female Viciu

      "She is my viciu and she is very young!"

      Hayden - The Man Who Stared at the Sky

      "We met and were bickering about how foolish humans were for believing that money would fall from the sky. An interesting man. I guess."

      Antoni - ???

      "... I threw my yoghurt pack to the garbage bin back when we had a meeting at Duce V's HQ--but it landed smoothly on his head. :iconjunesplz: Oh whelps!"

      Alice - The Cute Clock Girl

      "We met and talked with each other when my eyes are interested in the clockworks inside of her shop! :iconjunesplz:"

      Clover - Cute Girl with A lot of Questions

      "We met at Duce V's HQ, and she fell down and I helped her. She is a very handful girl, but I don't mind! I could picture her as my little sister! :iconjunesplz:"

      Tobias - That Gadget Boy

      "My fellow division comrade! He is very awesome with gadget, and seemed to be interested with the way I mixed my potions."

      Sirverto - Amnesiac Guy

      "We talked a bit, and he said that he was amnesiac."


  • Quote: "Isn't it fine if I hate humans? They hate me too, so it is a mutual connection. Me and them."
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