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TBH - Tetsuya Kiriya by arurue
TBH - Tetsuya Kiriya
:iconsparklesplz: :iconthe-boarding-house: :iconsparklesplz:

Kiriya Tetsuya

:house: Name:
Kiriya Tetsuya (霧谷徹也)
:house: Age: 15 years old. MieuMew said he looks younger. //criesplz
:house: Room: 110
:house: DoB: 14 November
:house: Job: Student
:house: H/W: 63' & 110lb


:bulletred: Food. Especially American or Western food such as: Pizza, Spaghetti, etc.
:bulletred: Spectacles. He had lots of collections.
:bulletred: Sports. He is learning karate.


:bulletyellow: Insects. How do those creatures could be alive?!
:bulletyellow: Talkative aunties / people. Can they shut their mouth off--- /NO
:bulletyellow: Cold temperature. Explains why he always has his scarf around him.

Tetsuya (He likes people to call him Tet), is a very rude and emotional boy (probably can be called as shota tsundere? /NO) coming from the Kiriya household. He developed this personality of his because of his response of rebellion against his kind brother, (Kand not only he is rude, but he acts like he is cool / the best. Even though he might be like that, once he opened up to you, he is not really that rude anymore--just probably frank or insensitive to a lot of situation. Ever heard of him making girls crying because of him being so ignorant? /NO

:house: History:
Before going to the boarding house, he lived with his older brother and his little sisters (a lot of little sisters). Because surrounded by little sisters, he tends to be used as their experimental living doll (hair braided, or things, Tetsu did that just to make them satisfied), and helping his big brother and all--Time to times, neighbors and his brother's friends used to compare Tetsu with his brother because his big brother is more dependable than he is--making him loathed of those responses and decided to rebel along the way.

His way of rebelling against his big brother was by dying his hair from black to white, being really rude (totally 180 degree different from his bro), going for sports instead of studying, and loving American music and style--- yeah you know those teenagers puberty phase. And so, can't stand how people treated about him, inside the house or outside the house, he decided to be more independent and run away to the boarding house because he is too fed up--hoping for a peace to be away from his family for a while until he thinks up his next move--

:house: Trivia:

:bulletred: He doesn't actually use spectacles (He doesn't have any problems with his eyesight); He made it so that he could look cool. :iconsparklesplz:
:bulletred: He dyed his hair white. Though original hair is black.
:bulletred: He is not a really smart student (average). Even though he might look like one.
:bulletred: HE COULD SEW. Taking care of his little sisters made him able to do household thingy. Though can't be denied that he once in a time being careless and break a few plates.
Happy 1st Anniversary by arurue
Happy 1st Anniversary



Lineart by: MieuMew
Sketch & Coloring by: arurue

My beloved bbys anniversary is today!! :heart: I really hope I can do a good coloring since I haven't touched my tablet pen for like, long time and I am in final grade now, everything is so hectic. My laptop is now infected with Trojan, it makes the laptop really slow.

I love these babies, they color my daily life, and without MieuMew and them I feel so empty .. //clings

Sorry for the lack of activities these days. I am busy with my final year! Commissions are still ongoing, alright. So don't worry about it!

Hiatus at dA - Commissions in Progress!!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 11, 2014, 8:24 AM

Hello there! I have started a new semester this monday, and I am in my last year (12th grade)
I won't be too active at dA for quite a long time (due to the insane amount of study and assignments)

Commissions are in progress started this week!

For those I owe commissions, please be patient~

In weekends I will be working on the commissions, hopefully every week I could submit one commission ...



- Fullbody BG Commission -
Progress:  ★ - Sketching

- Chibi Freestyle 1 Commission -
Progress: ★★ - Cleaning Lineart

- Fullbody BG Commission -
Progress: ★★ - Cleaning Lineart


- Fullbody BG Commission -
Progress: ★ - Sketching

- Chibi Style 2 -
Progress: - None

- Chibi Style 2 -
Progress: - None

- Chibi Style 2 -
Progress: - None

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